Fully automatic side-sealed diaper bag making machine


LY-1250ED is a specialized European-style diaper bag making machine. Customers can use it to manufacture various kinds of diaper bag, allowing flexible and stable production.


  • Fully automatic side sealing type diaper bag making machine.
  • Servo-driven feeding system with one set of photocell for printed bag.
  • Human-machine interface for easy setting.
  • Pneumatic type auto-lifter and EPC at unwind stand.
  • Continuous hot-air sealing system handle film.
  • Hydraulic type EPC for wicket holes.
  • Precision mold for handle punch.

Bag width
Bag length
Output Thickness of film
LY-1250ED 250-800 mm 250-800 30-50 bags/per min 0.04-0.10