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Fully Automatic Side-Sealed Diaper Bag Making Machine With Wickter


LY-1250EDW is a specialized European-style diaper bag making machine. It equips with 5 sets of servo motors to allow efficient, stable and precise production. 6-vacuum arms collecting system significantly save labor work and increase production efficiency.


  • Fully automatic side sealing type diaper bag making machine with wicketer.
  • 2 sets of servo motors for feeding system.
  • 2 sets of servo motors for punch position and indexing station alignment.
  • 1 set of servo motor for indexing station position control.
  • 6 or 8 vacuum arms depends on size of bag.
  • Human-machine interface for easy setting.
  • Pneumatic type auto-lifter and EPC at unwind stand.
  • Continuous hot-air sealing system handle film.
  • Precision mold for handle punch.

Bag width
Bag length
Heater capacity Power required Output
LY-1250EDW 300-730 mm 350-900 mm 2.5KW x 2 13 KW 30-60 bags/min
Machine dimensions Machine weight Air compressor
(Not included)
L(m) W(m) H(m)
LY-1250EDW 14.35 5.85 2.55 5000 KG 10 HP.