About LYM

In 1993, at a small factory, the very first machine of LianYou was delivered to international customer. It was when Lianyou started to provide professional equipments and services to customers. In the process of growing, we have been through twists and turns, experienced and overcome countless challenges, we have been determined to create better future for both customers and us. Since then, we started growing and getting stronger but we never satisfied. We put a lot of efforts in developing new technology, creating new thinking and innovation , and sharpen our skills to meet all challenges to come.

Almost 30 years of hard work and development, LianYou has become one of the most professional manufacturer of bag converting machine. We can surely provide and offer professional suggestions, expertise and solutions to customers and build mutual trust with customers because we truly and strongly believe that is the only way to create win-win situation.


Company Future

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the plastic and rubber industry hard and the cheap prices of Chinese machines are tough to deal with, LYM is still insisting on providing excellent service to the customers and will continue to support the customers in the future no matter what mighty challenges we may face, LYM will stand our ground and resolve the obstacles alongside with our customers, because we value our long-term relationship with our customers. We will keep providing the highest level of services and pushing to be at the vanguard in innovation and new technologies.

  • ODM manufacturer
  • OEM manufacturer
  • Exporter/Agent
  • Distributor